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February 23, 2021

Titan Pro 7HP Garden Chipper Shredder and Mulcher Review 2019 - 2020

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The Titan Pro 7HP Garden Chipper Shredder and Mulcher

7HP Garden Chipper Shredder Mulcher from TITAN PROWouldn’t it be great if you could use all the branches and wood that you clear from your garden? Recycle them in to something that you can use? One of the ways that you can do it is to get a garden shredder. They can chip and shred your wood and branches into chippings that you can use on your garden or in your fire.

The Titan Pro Garden Chipper and Shredder (CHECK PRICE NOW!) is one of these machines. It can handle a wide variety of wood and branches both hard and soft. Let us take a look at some of the features of this product.

  • For maintenance and safety, the shredder comes with a toolkit, gloves, goggles and ear defenders. Everything you need to get started right away.
  • There is a large hopper with a safety cover so that you can shred leaves and small branches. This means all the wood in the garden can be used.
  • For branches that are up to 50mm in diameter, there is a side chute. This allows you to shred most of the wood without having to cut it in to smaller pieces.
  • It is fitted with large wheels so that it can me moved around the garden easily, even on uneven ground.
  • As a safety feature, there is an overload protection system fitted to the shredder. This prevents damage to the machine or injury to the operator by stopping if there is a blockage.
  • The shredder is made from strong metal and is very well built. It will be able a reliable product that will work for many hours.

The Titan Pro Garden Shredder is a very nice product that is ideal for the home gardener. It can easily shred all your leaves, branches and wood into useful chippings that can be used again.


Features: Large Hopper – Side Chute – Overload Protection

Pricing: High End



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